Breakdown: Bottled Water Vs.Tap Water

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Bottled Water Vs. Tap Water

Bottled Water Vs. Tap WaterBottled water companies have a vendetta against tap water.  Our guess is that selling any product at a 2000% markup would result in monstrous marketing tactics and mastering the art of deception . These “companies” insist that their water is superior to the rest, even though more often than not it’s coming from the same source. The reality is that bottled water has scammed billions of dollars from our nation, caused health problems for many, and played a key role in devastating our environment.

Water Safety

It is extremely important to note that tap water is much more regulated than bottled water.  In 1976, The Safe Drinking Water Act was put into place having the EPA require all public water systems to provide reports to the public about municipal water quality. The EPA also requires water testing by certified laboratories and releases reports on the water quality of every town in Massachusetts. Bottled water is treated as a food by the FDA and isn’t held to the same high standard as municipal water.

Plastic Bottle Waste

Americans produce a staggering amount of plastic waste. We throw away 35 billion plastic bottles a year, and only 31% of those bottles end up recycled. The vast majority will end up in landfills or in our oceans, where it will take hundreds of years for the plastic to break down. This plastic bottle waste epidemic has serious environmental repercussions and will continue until Americans cut down on plastic bottle usage.

The most troubling aspects about our nation’s plastic waste problem is that it is preventable. Drinking filtered tap water in a reusable bottle is an easy way to cut down on your own plastic output and save a ton of money. By drinking bottled water you are submitting to a 2000% markup and adding to the already astronomical amount of plastic waste just sitting in our landfills and oceans.

Pay Up

The main reason people buy bottled water is convenience.  A single use bottle is unarguably easy; however as we have shown, a plastic bottle will be on this planet much longer than any human life. The single serving bottle can be replaced with a reusable water bottle for a one-time cost. The average household spends $1000 a year on bottled water.  Why pay $3, $4, $5 for the same water that you can receive from a filtered tap?

Pure Garbage

Drinking bottled water puts you at risk to BPA exposure, a harmful chemical used in plastics linked to extensive health problems. Bottled water companies love to advertise their products are “pure” even though the majority of bottled water is America is just tap water. Bottled water companies also imply that there is something wrong or unhealthy with tap water to reinforce that their water is “pure”.

Breakdown: Bottled Water Vs. Tap Water

Plastic Bottled Water

  • Leads to trash in landfills and oceans
  • Takes hundreds of years to break down
  • 2000% more expensive
  • Requires water and oil to create and transport
  • Exposured to BPA
  • Tap water with an expensive label

Tap Water + Reusable Bottle

  • Government regulated quality assurance
  • No waste
  • Conveniently located and available
  • Safer than plastic bottles
  • Same product for much less

Avoiding bottled water is good for the environment, cost-effective, and safe. Plastic bottle waste continues to be an epidemic in the United States and drastic action is needed to reverse this. Use a reusable bottle and give up bottled water for good.

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